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I'm working on something, I PROMISE!

1/9/13 by Pervy-Dan-Hibiki
Updated 1/9/13

I'm working on a another "Strike Witches" fan art and this ones going out of my comfort zone on a couple things, so it's taking a little while to get done. I think it's starting to come together pretty nicely. I might have it done in a couple of days ago, but then again I'm not really the best at keeping my word when it comes to when I'm putting something out. I feel like there needs to be more here.... So look at this!

I'm working on something, I PROMISE!


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Teenager strips and plays with dildo on camera. Father walks in.
Dont know how longer it will stay up!



haha! cant wait



She's missing the bucket D:

1/9/13 Pervy-Dan-Hibiki responds:

I can't really blame her though. I'd never expect the milk to shoot out of the utters at that angle.