And the winner is....... Dawn!

2013-01-28 00:06:15 by Pervy-Dan-Hibiki

Congratulations to Dawn. and thanks to everyone who voted!

Now I've got to figure out how I'm going to draw her. I'll do something fun and sexy, for sure. I've just gotta come up with something that won't get deleted of the site....

The Final standings (in case you're curious)

Misty: 4
Hilda: 2
May: 2
Iris: 1
Dawn: 6
Cynthia: 2
Charmander: 1
Gardevoir: 2
Lady Ash: 2

A total of only 22 votes, a little disappointing on that end if I'm honest. Oh well. I'm sure I'm going to have some fun with this one either way ^.^

And the winner is....... Dawn!


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2013-02-06 17:59:31

can somebody tell me what contest dawn won

Pervy-Dan-Hibiki responds:

Just a little popularity contest. You could just go look at my previous news entry.


2013-02-16 04:09:09

dude i hope you see this comment, to be honest i dont think anything can get deleted off of here, go look at shadlings artwork for example in the adult rated category lol his stuff, is messed up, be warned