Entry #9


2013-06-23 11:30:26 by Pervy-Dan-Hibiki

So, how do you guys feel about me posting more sketches? Do you want me to post more or would it be just too much shit clogging up your notifications?



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2013-06-23 16:58:29

It's all good. If you draw something you think is cool go ahead and slap it up here.


2013-06-25 05:23:33

I wouldn't mind.


2013-06-25 15:05:29

post as much as you want your art is way awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!! ( oh crap i almost put ass instead of as lol(side bar) )

Pervy-Dan-Hibiki responds:

I will post many ass ^.^


2013-07-12 07:24:44

I will give you tehe answer that you've waited for.

Looking at your art and then at your sketches sort of encourages us, the other artists to keep going.
Seeing that your sketches are simple things in the beginning. Many newbie or wannabe artists come to thier drawing and attempt to do something complex from the beginning and that is usualy leaving them mad and thinking that they suck at drawing.
When an advanced artist releases a sketch it usualy shows them the ropes and that something comples is nothing but a bunch of quickdraw lines in the beginning.


2014-03-27 14:02:43

Yes MOAR! As hardcore as possible!!


2014-07-25 16:54:11

Dan Hibiki: Street fighter? Or Streetest Fighter?

Pervy-Dan-Hibiki responds: